Redding needs to go outside for its next city manager, says business leader

Ran into a local businessman I like and respect at a downtown burger place this afternoon and he made a strong case for Redding hiring its next city manager from anyplace but Redding.  Most of the quotes below are verbatim with a bit of paraphrasing.

“We need someone who can shake the tree, fire some people and change the culture (at City Hall).  An insider will have a hard time firing friends made over barbecues.  We need someone from the outside who can show us a different way of doing things as opposed to the way we’ve been doing them.”  He was critical of the “lack of vision” at city hall.  He described the able Kurt Starman as a “CPA type, Mike Warren’s numbers guy.”  The next city manager, he said, needs to “give some vision to the city council” instead of taking up random issues brought forth by individual council members.   He was puzzled by Starman’s announcement on Friday about Police Chief Rob Paoletti looking for another job in the Bay Area.  “Was that Starman’s mic drop?” he asked.

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